Johnny Coles: An Annotated Discography



The following sources were consulted in the making of this discography: the baseline source was Tom Lord's discography available at I also used the following web sources: the Jazz Discography Project (;; Esa Ottonen's Charles Mingus discography ( for the 1964 European concert tour; and the Miles Davis discography at The Allmusic website ( was particularly useful for finding various issues of recordings. OCLC's First Search database and the Library of Congress catalog were used to identify material in the Library of Congress's Voice of America and Charles Mingus collections. Thanks to Jöel Dufour & Kurt Mohr who supplied the session personnel information for the Ray Charles Live In Japan recording for the Rhino Records Genius & Soul: 50th Anniversary Collection, and to Matt Pierson, producer of the Complete Warner Bros. Herbie Hancock reissue, for correct dates and personnel for Fat Albert Rotunda. Thanks to Doug Ramsey for making me aware of the existence of the Frances Lynne recording, and to Michael Cuscuna for clearing up a few discrepancies in the existing discographies. Thanks to Karen J. Fishman and Janet W. McKee, music reference librarians at the Library of Congress, for arranging listening sessions of the material from the Mingus and Voice of America collections. Thanks to Richard Carlson for the Count Basie Orchestra radio broadcast tape and alerting me to Goof becoming a Coles solo feature, and to Jonathan Kutler for his support and shared enthusiasm. And many thanks to my son, David, for putting this up on the web for me.

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